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We provide a full range of services required for todays needs. We can provide every service required for modern integration of your business with the internet. From email services through to web hosting. We have the means.

At TechnologyWise we provide full domain name services.

  • Registration of domain name(s).
  • Hosting of the domain name(s).
  • Domain name renewal notification, ensuring you do not lose your domain.
  • We can also arrange and process domain name transfers for you, shifting your domain from your current supplier to our services.

We provide full web hosting services with a range of options:

  • Linux and Windows Hosting
  • Integrated Anti-spam
  • PHP5, ASP, ASP.NET 2.0

Please enquire with us for more information.

If you have registered a domain with us, we can provide any email address you would like associated with it. We will set up your email accounts & addresses for you and optional features such as spam protection. We also provide you with webmail access to your email, so you can access your email from anywhere with internet access, anytime.

If you are purchasing one of our servers, it will host all email services for your business. It will provide SPAM and Antivirus filtering for all mail passed through the server and allow for webmail access.

At TechnologyWise we can provide a range of online web based applications. The benefit is a centralised system which is easier to manage. The users require no software other than a standard web browser to use the software and the application can be made available to be accessed from any internet capable PC - so you have access to information from home or while travelling.

We are currently using 'Vtiger CRM' internally to manage our business and its relationship with our clients. This is very powerful customer relationship manager software which suits a wide range of businesses. The software is OpenSource so there is potential for modifications to suit your needs if required.

We offer a Wiki system to clients in the form of 'MediaWiki'. This is a system that allows quick and easy development of interlinked documents. It is an ideal solution to document internal business procedures and processes. It can be used in any situation where information needs to be made available and presented in a easy to follow standardised format. A Wiki is knowledge management.

Achievo is a web application we offer for time registration and project management. Achievo is a flexible resource management tool for business environments. Achievo's resource management capabilities will enable organisations to support their business processes in a simple, but effective manner.

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